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Birchbox Man Worth The Hype

I have been watching the awesome things happening at Birchbox for nearly three years now, last April they announced a Birchbox subscription specifically for men. I somehow missed the initial launch and then found myself looking at a rather lengthy waiting list to get in. After a laborious wait I finally received an email last week saying I was finally the program.

What Is Birchbox?

Birchbox and a subscription based services that deliver health and beauty products and well as some men’s finishings to it’s members via the mail. In the average box you’ll find samples of fragrances, shaving aids, grooming products, hygienic products and the occasional surprise like tie clips or pocket squares. Birchbox is a well dressed gentlemen’s dream.

Men’s products are normally a huge mystery and and buying these products can be a crap shoot. Birchbox looks to deliver a product discovery service that helps men find really good items they may not normally discover at their local department or men stores.

First Impressions

The Birchbox I received was full of wonder full surprises. I was totally happy with the value of the products as they totally eclipsed the $20 cost of the subscription. I would go as far as to say in this initial box I did not receive any whammies or unwanted dude products.

Did I get lucky? No because part of the signup process is a quick survey to see what you are into and what your preferences are. Via the Birchbox website I am able to see what some of the other gentlemen got in their boxes and can get discount If I want to order anything I may or may not have received.

How To Get Your Own Birchbox

If you too want to discover the best new beauty, grooming and lifestyle product for men or women, jump over to Birchbox website and join in on the fun. The subscriptions are also giftable if this sort of thing is not for you but you know someone who would love it.

PS My Birchbox February Favorites

Niche For Men Male Deodorizing Wipes are awesome for a quick refresher after a quick highpressure meeting, run to avoind missing a ride or a midday workout and there is no time for a full shower. These wipes are mosturizing and have a nice rejuvinating rustic scent.

Jack Robie Solid Pocket Square is a high quality made in America pocket square that is just perfect. I own a buch of squares fro varying qualities and this one is top notch. It’s a 12”x12 square made of Japanese cotton and looks really nice in a shirt or sportjacket.

Birchbox Shoehorn, yeah I know it’s simple but a leather shoehorn is a must have for any satorialist toolbox

Stay Tuned for more updates on Birchbox.