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Birchbox Man March 2013 Unboxing

My Birchbox March Favorites

The Areawear Bottle Opener is a thing of beauty. Made from beech wood this opener fells really tactile in the hands and well set many a bottle of Ale free from the prison that is a bottle cap. The opener also features two magnets, one on the outside to allow the opener to be kept neatly on a fridge or file cabinet and a second on the inside to keep the caps from falling to the floor. No more picking up spent caps for three days after a ball game.

This month's box also features Cartier L'Essence de Déclaration eau de toilette (remember EDT is not cologne, there is a difference). Cartier released this fragrance in 1988 as a special evening occasion fragrance. The Guide says it has notes of cedar wood and citrus but as a long time user I can tell you it's exactly vetiver/rosewood base notes with birch wood/cardamon/oak moss and orange/cedar/bergamot top notes. This scent changes drastically during the dry-down to smell some what like a old but fresh cedar chest with a prominent hint of spice so I get the mixup. I find the hug-ability to be extremely high on this EDT which is why I keep it around.

Also in this months Birchbox:
* Birchbox Koozie a faux wood zip-up bottle wrap to keep beer cold for March Madness
* Birchbox Leather Coaster keeps those "drank crop circles" from tables
* GO 24/7 Shave Cream designed to keep your face hydrated as you shave

Note: I got these item because of my profile on Birchbox, yours and others may differ according to what you select as your style.


Birchbox is a subscription based services that delivers health and beauty products and well as some men’s finishings to it’s members via the mail. In the average box you’ll find samples of fragrances, shaving aids, grooming products, hygienic products and the occasional surprise like tie clips or pocket squares. Birchbox is a well dressed gentlemen’s dream.

Men’s products are normally a huge mystery and and buying these products can be a crap shoot. Birchbox looks to deliver a product discovery service that helps men find really good items they may not normally discover at their local department or men stores.

How To Get Your Own Birchbox

If you too want to discover the best new beauty, grooming and lifestyle product for men or women, jump over to Birchbox website and join in on the fun. The subscriptions are also gift-able if this sort of thing is not for you but you know someone who would love it.

Stay Tuned for more updates on Birchbox.