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High Society Man's Top 10 List

Happy Monday everyone! As we start off this new week, we decided that to give you a little peek into who we are as individuals. After all we are all unique in our own ways, which makes us all the same.

All of us have rules, values, and belief systems that are important to us. And though there may be similarities, there are also things that have different priorities to each of us. DUH

This post was inspired by Roman, over at Roman Fitness Systems. When I first read his post, I knew that this was something that we NEEDED to do, and so here we are. Big shout out to Roman, for having an awesome blog with legit information. Check it out if you haven’t done so yet!

And so without further delay, in no particular order...

Doc’s Top 10 Man Rules

1. Be confident. If you do not know exactly how to do this actually take some time to learn how. Actually if you are reading this that’s a good start

2. Smile. Yeah i know this is simple but way too many dudes “mean mug for no reason what so ever and it’s a huge turn off. Smile when you answer the phone, say hello, order drinks, order food and pretty much everywhere else you have human contact

3. Be as gentlemanly and possible at all times. Elevate that amount whenever in the presence of a lady. Women will tell you all day how they love independence but trust me open a few doors and pull out a few chairs and your street cred will skyrocket.

4. No matter how much you hated it in high school give reading a second chance and read as much as possible. ProTip: you can fake it with audio books from the public libraries or audible.com amoung others. Smarter is always sexier... ask any female.

5. Learn to step out of your comfort zone. The deadliest zone for men is not the “Friend Zone” it’s “Comfort Zone” and that is a bad place to be stuck. Some of the most powerful brains in the world are stopped in their track by silly little limiting two word phrases. “I can’t” or “She won’t” and the worst one of all “I know!”

6. The “I know” bomb is the perfect segue to my next gem, be a lifelong learner. Study everything you have interest in and then study thing you don’t have interest in. I say again “Smart is Sexy!”

7. Learn to Wet Shave. It just works better and is much better for the pocket and the environment.

8. Whenever you go to a restaurant or bar always try to order from the same server. Learn to build rapport with the wait staff, valet, host, managers and yeah always speak to them by name. They will know you and call you my your name, boom instant clout at your favorite stomps. Especially when you tip well.

9. Learn to cook a steak correctly.

10. Learn a second language. It’s a must in this new global village. This is a natural kickstart to lifelong learning. As it will take you a while and make you interesting.

Rance’s Top 10 Man Rules

1.  Always be respectful and mind your manners.

2. Always have cash in your wallet.

3.  Always wear clean underwear. You never know what you’ll be doing or who you might meet. Wouldn’t want to be caught with raggedy boxers or stained briefs.

4. NEVER wear white socks with black shoes. Although Michael Jackson was the king of pop, that doesn’t mean you are!

5. If you buy a suit, make sure it fits. Tailored suits are the best, but there’s ways around custom tailored ones. Any reputable store that sells suits will offer alterations, sometimes with purchase. Even Macy’s will do so, so get it right the first time!

6. Manscape. If you’re afraid or insecure of what this might mean, don’t be! Although getting your brows shaped may seem like a tad much, manscaping can also be described as simply looking clean. Whether it be shaving correctly, having an even fade, or simply having your nails cut right, make sure you look fresh and not sloppy.

7. Be assertive and confident, not cocky. Everyone from a potential mate to your mother can tell if you’re being genuine or not. No one likes a showboat or jackass, no one!

8. Always keep your shoes clean. There’s nothing wrong with wearing all white Nike air force 1’s to the club, but make sure they don’t look like you’ve had them since the 7th grade, or been playing in the dirt with them on. And this doesn’t just apply to the club; whenever you step out of your house make sure they’re clean.

9. Wash your clothes and make sure it’s done right. If you own “dry clean only” garments, make sure you use Dryel at the very least. You don’t want to be ruining your wardrobe with negligence or laziness. Also learn how to use an iron, or get a steamer to get the wrinkles out. Trust us, people notice!

10. Last but certainly not least, be sure to visit www.highsocietyman.com on the daily. There you’ll find information on becoming, evolving, and maintaining what it takes to be a well balanced guy from dudes who know what they’re talking about. And by dudes who know what they’re talking about, we mean US!

Phillip’s Top 10 Man Rules

1. Deadlift. This is possibly hands down the KING of all exercises. You’ll work every major muscle group doing it correctly.

2. Always have size medium pajama bottoms, size small slippers, and 2 bottles of wine ready to drink at home. ALWAYS. A girl is going to want to change out of her club attire. And no one wants to hear the sound of heels at breakfast in the morning.

3. ALWAYS address your bartender, waitress, whoever is serving/helping you by their name. Does this need any explanation? Treat them right, and you’ll reap the benefits ten fold.

4. NEVER try and break up someone else’s relationship. There are 3 BILLION women on this planet. Don’t try and mess up someone else’s good thing because you can’t keep your emotions in check.

5. Stop trying to please everyone. Seriously. Stop it right now. What other people think about you, is their problem not yours.

6. NEVER, EVER stop learning. Learn from everything. Life events, people, other peoples mistakes, it doesn’t matter. The minute you stop learning, is the minute you stop living.

7. Get your clothes tailored if they don’t fit correctly. Seriously. You’re wearing a shirt, not your gf’s pajamas from her 6th grade sleepover.

8. Don’t sleep with a girl who doesn’t read. Self explanatory.

9. ALWAYS have a backup girl(s). This may seem shallow to some. It’s not. As much as we’d like relationships to be lovey dovey, they aren’t. Not all the time. There are times when they can be extremely volatile as well. Whether you decide to pursue anything while still in a relationship is your moral choice though.

10. Be the man you'd want your daughter to date. 

Bonus Tip 1: Find a woman like Neghar Fonooni. She is probably one of the most AMAZING women I've had the pleasure of reading about.

Bonus Tip 2: A good friend of mine, Dr. Audrey H. has agreed to take some time out of her busy schedule to give us a list of things she thinks that men should do...

*Before you start reading, this is meant for those on the path to improving your atti-dude.  for the blessed ones who have achieved supreme enlightenment, we welcome you to join us and share your wisdom.*

How to be a Better Dude Part 1:

1. Brush your teeth.

2. Accept that being "right" doesn't always solve the problem.

3. Have at least one friend who will let you know if you smell funny.

4. Be extraordinary at something.

5. Save your "A" game for someone who deserves it.

6. Say what you mean & mean what you say.

7. Don't take yourself too seriously.

8. Everyday, remember one thing you're thankful for.

9. Look at mistakes as opportunities to learn.

10. Demonstrate your strengths instead of bragging about how freaking amazing you are.

11. Say "No" to drama.

There you have it guys and gals. This is just a small peek into who we are. We'll be elaborating more on certain subjects VERY soon. Until then though, we'd like to hear from you guys. What kind of rules, values, or lists do you have and follow?