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How To Express Feelings. Like a Boss.

So this will be the first of many Q & A’s from you guys. A lot of people have been messaging us about relationships and other topics, so we’ll answer a new question every day. Shoot us a message, and we promise we’ll keep you anonymous ;D

*Disclaimer* The views expressed here should be taken with a grain of salt.

Our very first question comes from a female reader:

“There's a guy I've been talking to and at first I messaged him at night after work because I couldn't fall asleep. We ended up talking for a few hours, until around 4 am. The next night we talked again, but this time he initiated and said that he could chat with me if I wanted. I got him to call me somehow and we talked for more than 2 hours on the phone. For the next few nights we would talk until really late, until one of us had to sleep. He was staying up just to talk to me, even though he had work the next morning (although he says he doesn't care about work). He asked me if I liked him but he made it sound like he was just joking around/teasing, so I joked back and asked him if he liked me. He didn't give me an answer, but I could tell he wasn't sure, just like me. I told him that he could just stop talking to me or hang up on the phone, but he didn't do that, so I said that maybe he likes me. Another thing is that he seemed really interested in my love life, what kind of guy I like, etc. It makes me feel like he's kinda playing around, so I'm not too sure about him. We didn't really talk much for a day, and I'm not sure when he will contact me again. What do you think I should do in this situation? Thanks.”

Whoa. That’s a lot of words but I will do my best to help you answer your question.

First of all, I personally think that this is the cutest shit ever. Second, it’s extremely obvious that this guy is into you. For some reason though, a lot of guys have a hard time expressing how they really feel about girls. That’s just how we roll. Trying to be all macho and shit.

We all need to learn how to express our feelings.

Seriously. Be like this kid.

That’s why so many dudes end up in the friend zone since they can’t correctly express their interest in a girl. And when they finally do, it’s too late.

It seems as though if you’re interested in this guy, you can either wait it out until he has enough balls to say something, or you can just make the first move yourself.

There seems to be a certain stigma about women making the first move. A lot of our female friends have mentioned this, and I think this is complete bullshit. There is nothing more sexy than a woman who isn’t afraid of what people think and makes a move.

This could just be me though. Anyways, I suggest that you make the first move. He might just need a kick in the ass to verbalize his feelings. Just tell him that you dig him, and ask how he feels. I'm pretty sure this will come as a huge relief for him, since he is now in a position to answer. Tell him to check out the post on CONFIDENCE by Doc Rock.

Hope this helps. Let us know how it goes! If any of you have questions, comments or feedback please drop us a line.



photo credit: pedroelnegro