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Doc’s Phreakin’ Weekend Tips V4

This weekend'sedition of the now famous Doc’s Phreakin’ Weekend Tip will be crafted for your knowledge and enjoyment by both my self and UMI. Now we talk about ordering drinks.

One of the most under estimated and underdeveloped elements of being a gentleman is rapport. This tip will focus on gaining rapport while spending a night on the town or enjoying a few pilsners with your coworkers.

When stepping up to the bar for the first time be sure to make solid eye contact with the tender and no weird flashy histrionics like waving cash or cards at them. They all hate that with a passion and you may end up drinking the bar mat special. Once you have initial contact they will approach you and ask for your order. Be ready, speak loudly and clearly taking in to account the deafening noise of Katy Perry Dubstep remix blasting in the background. Be sure to get their name and always remember to use it. Hey yous just fucking suck, never use them unless your goal is to be a "Craftsman Tool!"

If you are undecided on what to order or just to further your rapport, ask your barkeep for their recommendations or questions about the establishment. If the place is not yet busy take time to chat them up. Keep the conversations light and upbeat. They don't want to be your therapist regardless of the stereotypes. Now to really pump up the clout visit them on slow nights and bring some friends with you. Now, of course it goes without saying be sure to tip well.

Keep this up at your favorite watering holes and when you walk in the door everyone will greet you by name. This goes a long way when you have a female prospect accompanying  you.

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And now for something from the Planet we all call UMI... by the way he took that stellar photo.

As a patron of your favorite bar or restaurant, you are choosing to surround yourself with a particular class of people. By exchanging pleasantries with the staff, you will be cultivating an atmosphere of trust and respect. This is a great practice for elevating your perceived status in life and is hands down the best way to ensure that you receive the highest standard of service possible.

Remember, your bartender has a finger on the pulse of nightlife. He/she can be an excellent source of information when it's time for you to entertain a date, or play host to friends from out of town. Having a solid rapport with professionals in the service industry affords you a great deal of opportunities to socialize openly with people that you would have otherwise never met.

Making friends with 'the help' is perhaps the quickest way to open up your social umbrella, and you can never have too many umbrellas, (but that's another tip all together).

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