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When to Say When?

Welcome back fellas, and ladies who oblige our site.  Did you have an eventful and successful weekend?  Regardless of the results, if you applied anything we've said thus far, then you've already taken a few steps towards improving yourself and stepping outside of your comfort zone!

Let's focus on limitations.  One critical thing to remember is to "simply know them!"  Know your own limitations and you'll be fine.

Alcohol is a key limitation that often goes overboard.  Guys, please know how much alcohol you can handle, and afford!  There's nothing wrong with going out and having a few drinks, but the moment you drink too much, regret will sink in.  Admit it fellas, most of us have woken up at 2pm with a pounding headache, an empty wallet, wearing the same clothes from the night before, and not remembering how we got home.  Not only will you spend the rest of the day trying to recall the events from the night before, but chances are you were pretty sloppy and obnoxious.

Knowing your limitations will keep you away from the above situation and will keep you out of trouble from yourself.  Don't be the guy at the club stumbling out, or worse yet, being carried out by your friends or security.  That's not classy my friend.  Alcohol may give you some added confidence as @docrock mentioned below in "Doc's Phreakin' Weekend Tips V3", but no female will be speaking to a stumbling, blabbering, sweaty slob who drank too much.

Try to be more like

and less like

Remember to know your limitations and you won't make a fool out of yourself when out in public.

Stay classy my friends.


photos by roberthuffstutter and jim_thedude, declan merriman